Bunnies By The Bay has a variety of stuffed friends to enjoy.

Bunnies By The Bay has a lot of stuffed items that are great for babies and very young children. I love their Skipit Jammies. Bunnies By The Bay was created in response to tragic events that unexpectedly propelled one family into navigating a wayward journey from tragic loss to hopeful healing. The lessons of those experiences instilled in us the belief that everything can be rescued and mended, even broken hearts. While life may deal unpredictable challenges, help may come in {Read More}

My top 10 Easter basket filler ideas.

Easter is around the corner. I always had fun customizing my daughter’s Easter baskets when she was young. Here are my top 10 non-religious Easter basket filler ideas. Here are my top 10 Easter basket filler ideas. My family is not religious so we celebrate the holidays our own way. My Thoughts: Who doesn’t love bubbles? I’m an adult and I still can’t resist bubbles. I think the little toppers are adorable! My Thoughts: What Easter basket is complete without {Read More}

I See Me is your one stop shop for personalized items for children.

I See Me makes it easy to find the perfect personalized gift for Easter or anytime for children. I See Me provides the highest quality, most personalized children’s books available. They opened for business in May of 2000, after a year of active product development. Allan and Maia (the owners/creators) received a personalized book as a gift for their first son in 1998. While they loved the fact that it was personalized, they thought that the illustrations could have been {Read More}

10 Fun Easter Gifts for Women available on Amazon.

Easter gifts are usually centered around children. Adults like gifts too, so I came up with 10 fun Easter gifts for women that are available on Amazon. I came up with 10 cute and fun Easter items for women that are not over the top. Your kids would get a kick out of mommy dressing up for the holiday too. My Thoughts: How cute are these earrings? They look like colorful Easter eggs. These would be perfect for a teacher {Read More}

Choco Treasure Surprise Eggs Review

Choco┬áTreasure is the maker of Candy Treasure. It’s two treats in one. Choco Treasure is a more than just chocolate, not that there is anything wrong with chocolate. You get a prize inside your chocolate! How cool is that? You may of heard of these eggs by a different name. Please be assured the two companies have nothing to do with each other and the Choco Treasure eggs are 100% legal in the United States. [tweetthis]@chocotreasure makes it fun to {Read More}