88 Handbags Review

88 handbags are well made and big enough to carry all your must have items. I recently received their Taylor Tassel Crossbody Bucket handbag to review. 88 handbags is a collection of various vegan leathers. The scientific names are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride) PU is better for the environment and more expensive than PVC.  88 values the environment and wants to bring the best to our customers so we only use PU. 88 handbags develops our own custom hardware, keeping in mind what {Read More}

Wrapurse protects the bottom of your purse.

Wrapurse helps to keep the bottom of your beloved (and sometimes expensive) purse germ free. Just imagine the germs on the bottom of it from being on the floor. Wrapurse was designed by a single mom of two active boys. It was after discovering chewing gum on the bottom of her expensive purse after a day watching her son’s play sports that Wrapurse was born. I’m sure you are wondering what exactly Wrapurse is. Wrapurse is a designer cover that protects the bottom {Read More}