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This week’s page is titled “Taste of Summer” 


The Taste of Summer

PP: Paper Pizazz 
Boarder Stencil 
Mystic Letter letter stencil 
Red Zig 
Strawberry Wishblade file 

Journaling: At Kennywood we had dinner at the resturant. You ordered some strawberries. These were HUGE! You loved posing with them. May 2007 Age 11

Kennywood is our local amusement park. These were the biggest strawberries I’ve ever seen. As a mom, how could I say no to fruit when asked for them? 

Sometimes you’ll find pattern paper that goes great with your pictures but it’s a bit “busy”. You can use it as an accent like I did. You can use it as a border, or to mat the pictures on. You can even make a frame of the page itself. The possibilities are endless. I feel it gives the page a unique look to use pattern paper as the accent. I get bored when my pages all look the same.

One of the benefits of using a digital die cutting machine is if you end up with a lot of “white space” when you are doing with the journaling and the pictures, you can re-size the die cut. I love having the ability of making any design larger or smaller to fit the project I’m currently working on. 




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