Blogger Showcase: The Cheshire Cat’s Looking Glass

Blogger Showcase


It’s time again to showcase another wonderful blogger. You can be showcased too. It’s easy just sign up on this free form

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This week I’m showcasing:

The Cheshire Cat’s Looking Glass

The Cheshire Cat's Looking Glass


What is your blog’s name?

 The Cheshire Cat’s Looking Glass

Who is behind the keyboard?

 Cheshire Cat who lives in Ketucky

How did you get into blogging?

 I was enterting giveaways and realized I could be reviewing and hosting the giveaways

How long have you been blogging?

Over a year 

What is your blog about?

 Mostly reviews right now, but anything and everything that pertains to my life as the mother of a toddler

What was your favorite post?

 My review of the Strider bike, my son still loves it!

What do you currently love the most about blogging?

 I love feedback from my readers, suggestions, ideas, plant identifiers, anything!

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Bonus Info:

We spend most of our time outdoors, but love to read each night.

Check back next week for a new blogger spotlight.

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