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the Bouqs co.

The Bouqs has been featured on popular television shows such as: Shark Tank, O! Oprah Magazine, Forbes, E!, The Today Show, & Popsugar. 

The Bouqs is a unique flower delivery service company. They grow their own flowers and they are cut only to fill an order. This cuts out the middle man and keeps the price of the flowers down for you the consumer. The flowers in grow rich soil of an active volcano.

If you have ever ordered flowers before you know they can get expensive very quickly! With the Bouqs you don’t have that worry. They have a flat rate of $40 for all of their original size bouquets. The company even has free shipping. That helps you save a lot. 

We all know 4th of July is coming up. What would be more special and unique for your celebration than a 4th of July themed bouquet? The Bouqs offers a beautiful 4th of July arrangement. 


Celebrate patriotically (Yay, America!) with a bunch of flowers that goes boom!  Red, White and Blue roses come together in a patriotic statement that would make even our Founding Fathers proud.  Bouqs say “OKAY USA!” and we only cut what you buy so there are no wasted flowers. You’ll love our eco-friendly, sustainable flowers shipped straight from the Volcano to your recipient’s door.  With Free Delivery!
Colors:  Red, White, and Blue Flowers
I know there are times when I’m invited to an event and I would like to bring the hostess a gift. I like to think outside of the box and bring unique items. What would be better to bring to your celebration than this beautiful bouquet? I’ve never seen blue flowers. The picture alone is beautiful, can you imagine how stunning they would be in person? 

Do you know the proper care for fresh cut flowers? If you properly care for them they will last longer. Here are some easy tips to make your Bouq flowers last longer:


Fill vase with 1 quart (4 cups) of room temperature water, and mix in flower food.


Gently Remove follage wrappers and the cardboard Bouq Protector by pulling out the staples.


Cut stems diagonally under running water, approx. 1 inch from the bottom (though this length of cut may vary with vase height). The diagonal cut insures the flowers get enough water.


Remove any leaves below the water. Position vase away from direct sunlight, cold breezes or heat sources. Note: it may take 24 hours for the Bouq to fully hydrate and open.


Add fresh water daily or every other day. Change out the water on Day 5, or if it becomes cloudy or murky. Remove petals or foliage if needed to maintain Bouq Beauty. Enjoy!

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