Thermacell Heated Insoles Review

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Thermacell  heated insoles are the great if you work outside. They are reuseable and run off of a rechargeable battery.


Using state-of-the-art wireless thermal technology with a built-in thermostat, Original Heated Insoles are the perfect solution to your cold feet blues—keeping your feet warm without getting hot to the touch and making them sweat. It’s the best way to keep your feet warm while hunting, working, and enjoying outdoor passions.

Heated Insoles offer convenient remote operation—no wires or external batteries—and at least 2,500 hours of use or about four winters of heavy use. Using ThermaCELL’s Original Heated Insoles is easy—simply adjust the temperature utilizing the wireless remote control to the setting of your choice: no heat (standby), medium (100°F), and high (111°F).

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Thermacell heated insoles are perfect for my husband.

My husband is a carpenter and spends a lot of time outdoors working, even in the winter. He also has poor circulation due to some health problems. His hands and feet are the first things to feel cold.

These insoles are perfect for him! They rechargeable and come with a small remote control. He can keep them charged and in his boots at all times. When he’s at work starts to get too cold he can simply turn the insoles on.

Thermacell sells different products to make your life easier. We love these insoles. There are other products of theirs I’d love to try too. They have items for outside and for hunting.

You can now get a cash rebate if you purchase this product in the month of November or December. Here are the forms you can download and print out.

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  2. Great review! I need this in my life.

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