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Today’s topic is A Quote You Try to Live By.

I don’t really have a quote I live by. I just live my life day to do day the best that I can. I do have 2 quotes I like though.

First Quote: Treat Others The Way You Would Like To Be Treated.

We have all heard this quote and taught it at a young age. I agree with this quote though. If we all treated each other in the way we’d want to be treated, the world would be better off. There would be less fights, definitely no bullying.

Second Quote: Looks Don’t Matter

I believe that looks don’t matter, it’s what’s on the inside that matters. ┬áSince I have low self esteem I try hard not to base things on looks a lot. Of course you need to find a mate attractive to a point. I’m lucky that my husband is not only handsome but is a great guy. I think society puts too much emphasis on looks. What ever happened to judging someone by their character?

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