Topic: 5 Items You Lust After


Five Items Lust After

Today’s topic is: Name Five Items You Lust After.

I am the type of person that always has a list of things they want. However, this topic was hard to come up with.  


Here are the 5 items I am currently lusting over. They are in no particular order.


A new house. I’d love a house that had enough space for all of us. I would also love to have a house that was not falling apart. My father in law started a lot of home improvement projects before his passing but never finished any of them!  We would also love to get out of the area we are living in.



I would love a new laptop. My laptop had a heating issue and would shut down when it got too hot. Well, a few months ago my laptop finally died. I’ve been using my mother in laws computer ever since.


My husband and I would love a mule. A mule is like a supped up golf cart. We would love one for our campground in the summer time. A lot of people use golf carts there. We’d love a Mule instead. It has more power so it will go faster. 

soda stream


I have been drooling over the soda streams since it first came on the market. I go through a lot of soda. I would love to make my own and save money using this product. I bet you can make a drink as strong or weak with flavor as you want. 



I have wanted a flat screen tv for years. The look is so crisp and clean. Watching a sporting event on a HD flat screen its like being there live. Only with better seats!

What 5 products do you lust after?


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