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Your Academics


Today’s Topic is: Your Academics

I was not a very good student in school.  As an adult, I wish I would of paid more attention in school. Part of my problem with my academics in school was that I have dyslexia. A teacher my mom had issues with, never submitted the paper work to the office. So from 4th grade on, there was no documentation to prove I have dyslexia. My senior year of high school I was talking to one of my favorite principals and he told me it wouldn’t of mattered. I was able to read and write on my current grade level so they wouldn’t of been able to put me in the special education classes.

I admit, I could of tried harder. I used the dyslexia as an excuse not to apply myself. My husband and I went to the same school, we were classmates. After high school he went off to college, I went to a trade school. He has a larger vocabulary than I do. Sometimes when he’s talking, I have to stop him and ask what a word means.

Thankfully he’s very patient and doesn’t make me feel bad about my education level.

What kind of academics did you have?


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