Topic: Describe 3 Fears You Have

3 fears


Today’s topic is: Describe 3 Fears You Have.

Fears can be irrational, sometimes there is a reason behind the fear. I have 3 main fears.

1. Fire

No one exactly likes fire. When I say I fear fire I mean I don’t like to start the charcoal grill when camping. I also do not like to start the camp fire. I don’t go near the grill or fire pit when fires are starting. 

I know where this fear comes from. When I was a young child my sister’s father fell asleep on the couch with a lit cigarette. He caught the couch on fire. While there was no flames, it just smoldered and caused a thick black smoke that was hard to breathe. It was cold outside and my mom had to put me and my infant sister on the back porch wrapped in a blanket. 

Ever since then I’ve never liked fire.

2. Crowds

I do not like large crowds and I am uncomfortable around strangers.  You can never tell anymore what will set a person off. I am always fearful of this. I do not let the fear however to stop me from doing things I want to do. When I go to an amusement park I prefer to get there early when the gates open. This way the crowds will come in behind me as opposed to me walking into a large crowd. I also fear that people are always watching me. I know that others don’t even notice me but its the irrational fear part.

3. Driving

I will be 40 years old tomorrow. I have never had a drivers license. Actually, I never even attempted to take the test. The idea of driving it just too much for me, I have no desire.  My husband keeps saying he’s going teach me to drive. I keep telling him I have no desire. I flinch and cringe just being the passenger. The only driving I do is my golf cart at my camp ground. The speed limit is only 10mph. My parents tried to teach me how to drive when I was a teenager. They both said forget it! I’ll drive you where you need to go for the rest of your life. Yes, I was that bad. I almost hit a brand new customized truck head on. I was driving a tank of a 1973 Buick Century though. 



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