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What If


Today’s topic is: Something you always think “what if”… about.

In general playing “what if” games in your mind is an unhealthy thing to do. You are living in the past instead of the present and future that way. 

I do have a “what if” that I think about however. It has to do with my husband. 

I’ve had a crush on my husband since we were around 10 yrs old! We have lived 2 blocks away from each other in school. We even had mutual friends. I never told him I liked him though for fear of rejection. 

It wasn’t until we were adults and talking on a mutual friends facebook wall one day that we started dating as adults. I did tell him about how I’ve had a crush on him since we were children.

Of course he teases me about it all the time. He always tell me … “see if you would of told me you liked me, we could of been together for over 20 yrs by now”. I keep telling him I didn’t think he’d like me. He said well you never would of known unless you said something.

We are together and very much in love now. That’s all that matters in the long run though.


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