Topic: List 10 Things You’d Tell Your 16 yr old Self

16 yr


Today’s topic is: list 10 things you’d say to your 16 yr old self. I swear I’m the poster child for the saying “If I knew then what I know now”. I have not always made the best choices in life. Here is my list of 10 things, in no particular order.


1. Study hard in school.

I know you don’t apply yourself in school. I know, you don’t think you’ll need anything you learn in high school. You are wrong. When you grow up and marry, you don’t want to feel bad because your spouse talks about stuff you don’t know about. 


2. Don’t date any loser that gives you attention.

I know you date a lot of losers. You need to have self worth enough to be picky about the type of boy you date. If he shows you any attention that is enough for you. When you grow up, would you want your daughter to act this way?


3. You are worth something.

This goes with #2. You don’t think you are worth something, so you don’t try to be anything.  We are all worth something and should strive to be the very best we can be.


4. Having a smart mouth and swearing is not attractive for a lady.

I know you are in the in-school suspension room a lot. It is not cute when Mr. Slippy asks you “When are you going to learn to watch your language?” You answer? “How can I watch something I can’t see?” You think you are so cool with that smart mouth. If you would of put that much effort into your classes that you do being sassy you’d be on the High Honor Roll.


5. Wait for sex.

This is self explanatory. I’m not going to get too personal with this topic. Let’s just say I regret when I started and with who. I should of waited until I was an adult and knew what I wanted out of a partner.


6. Take a chance and tell Pat u like him.

You won’t know if he likes you until you tell him you like him. I know you are shy, but maybe he is as well. He could be your soul mate. He could be the one you are suppose to be with. You’ll never know until you get the courage to tell him how you feel. Knowing he doesn’t like you is better than wondering. Trust me.


7. Just be you.

Don’t worry about the newest fad, the cool way to act/talk. Be confident in yourself. Have your own sense of style. It’s ok to stand out in the crowd for the right reasons. 


8. Don’t worry about bullying.

Yes I know you are bullied and yes it sucks. I know your feelings are being hurt. Here is something you don’t realize though. Everyone is bullied in one way or another. The people that do the bullying, they do it for a reason. It’s not to make you feel bad or cry. That’s just a cover. They are secretly unhappy with themselves or their life. They get pleasure making someone else suffer too. Don’t give them that power! Show them that what they say/do/think doesn’t effect you.


9. Your extended family don’t matter.

The only family members you need to worry about are your parents, and your sister. The rest of your family act like they don’t care fine. Don’t worry about them then. Your immediately family are your core. Use all your energy to nuture those relationships. They are the only family that will always have your back no matter what.


10. Leave the past in the past.

You don’t need to keep rehashing the past. You should only give someone a second chance. That also only depends on who it is, and what they did wrong. You do not have to forgive someone just because they uttered the words “I’m sorry”. It doesn’t mean anything if nothing changes. Remember #3 You are worth something. Demand the people in your life to treat you that way. If they don’t, then they don’t belong in your life.


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