Topic: List 20 Random Fact About Yourself

List 20 Random Facts


Today is October 1st. That means a new month and a new list of questions. Today’s topic is: 20 Random Facts About Yourself. 

This list was actually harder to come up with than I thought it would be. Here is my list though:


1. I’m a mom and step mom

2. I’m married

3. My birthday is in 2 days.

4. I’m classified as medical disabled
5. I love to read.
6. I never learned to drive
7. I’m addicted to the laptop
8. I love chocolate
9. I’m a good friend

10. I love the color purple.

11. I’m the oldest child
12. I’ve almost died a few times.
13. I use to be part of my local EMS team.
14. I have a very small family
15. I don’t wear jewerly
16. I’m addicted to nail polish
17. I have a ink pen collection
18. I still love old school cartoons
19. I’m a scrapbooker
20. I have low self esteem

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  1. I’ve almost died a few times too. It’s amazing what we survive. I don’t like jewelry much either…and my favorite old school cartoon is Tom & Jerry. 🙂

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