Topic: Your Opinion On Your Body

Your Body


Today’s topic is: Your opinion on your body and how comfortable  you are with it.

Oh boy! This is a question that most women cringe from. I am no exception on that front.

I am not very happy with my body. I know I’m over weight. However , given different medical problems weight loss is next to impossible. 

There are many things about myself I’d like to change in the looks department. I don’t have very good self esteem. 

My husband finds me very desirable though and can’t keep his hands off me. Sorry I know that’s TMI. It needed to be said though.

I don’t think any woman is happy with the way they look. If you are skinny, you wish you could gain weight. If you are over weight, you wish you were skinny. Hair straight? Yep you wish it was curly. Curly? You guessed it, wish it was straight.

I think we all need to remember that every single one of us is beautiful in our own individual way. What makes me beautiful to my husband, may not make another man think that. That’s ok. I found my dream man and I’m happy. I don’t need every man in the world to want me. Just mine.



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