Oct 10

Topic: Name Some People That Have Influenced Your Life

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Today’s Topic: Name some people that have influenced your life. 

I know I am suppose to name more than one person. However, only one person has really influenced my life. That person is my mom. 

My mom raised 2 children on her own. She went without so we had what we wanted/needed. Growing up, I had no idea we were poor. My mom made my childhood amazing. I remember her doing things like Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy etc. all writing me a letter. All the kids in school were jealous I got a letter and they did not.

My mom grew up in a home full of abuse. She did not fall victim to it and keep the cycle going when she became a parent. She worked very hard to break the cycle and be the kind of parent she wished she had. 

My mom has been through a lot in her life. She does not let it define her though. She has always rose through the ashes and rose above. I am so proud of my mom.

She has helped me to raise my daughter. I’m so proud of the person my daughter has grown up to be. I fully believe it’s because of the influence of my mom.


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