Topic: Name Any Television Show You’re Addicted To



Today’s Topic is… Name any television show you’re addicted to. 

My husband and I recently got DISH network for our house. We are only addicted to one television show. That’s NCIS.



We only watch the reruns on USA Network. We don’t watch the current episodes. This show cracks us up with their antics and how Gibbs is always hitting DiNozzo in the back of the head, Abby is always drinking mountains of Cat-Pow! We will watch the same episodes over and over again. 

Like I said we just got DISH network. When we are not watching NCIS one of 2 channels are probably on. Boomerang or the Military channel.



The Military Channel is kind of self explainatory. It’s a channel that talks about anything/anything Military. There are times when they talk about History stuff as well. I have to admit when my husband has this channel on I’ve been known to get into the show that is on. 

The other channel that is usually on is Boomerang. I was so happy that this channel was part of the channel package we got. 



Boomerang is a sister station to Cartoon Network. Very early in the morning (before 1pm) or very late at night (around 2am) they show old school cartoons. I’m talking cartoons I grew up on. Flinstones, Secret Squirrel, Richie Rich are just a few. My step daughter loves Tom & Jerry.  

What show are you addicted to?

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