Topic: Words or Phrases That Make You Laugh

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Today’s topic is: Five words or Phrases that make you laugh.  

I have a lot of phrases that make me laugh. Unfortunately they are private jokes with my family and/or friends. No one else would know what they are and don’t understand. 

I still giggle when I think of the words/phrases my daughter said wrong when she was learning to talk. For example:

Grilled Trees for Grilled Cheese

She would say “I want to do skunk”. It took us a long time to try and figure out what she meant. We finally just asked her. Turns out she wanted to do “cheers” with 2 glasses. She thought it sounded like “Skunk”.

Those are just a few of them. I did a scrapbook page of them one day. There are a few silly inside jokes with my husband as well. 

What are some of the words/phrases that make you laugh?

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