Topic: What You Wore Today

What did you wear today


Today’s topic is What did you wear today? Please keep in mind I always do this post a day ahead. So while it’s posted on Saturday, it’s typed up on Friday.

Today the weather was unseasonably cold. Mother nature is a cranky lady lately in this area.  On Wednesday it was 86, today it was 66. That’s one heck of a jump in temperature.

Since it was chilly today I wore: Jeans, a tshirt, and my high top tennis shoes. I was a tad chilly but not overly so all day while I was out running errands.

However, after we picked my step daughter up from school and went out to dinner I was pretty chilly. I had to run to the grocery store so I put on my new hoodie.

Oh how I love this hoodie. It’s purple (my favorite color) and fur lined inside. Don’t worry it’s fake fur. It’s so warm and cozy and comfortable. I know I will be wearing that a lot this fall/winter.

So, what did you wear today?

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