Topic: Something You Are Currently Worrying About

Something you are currently worrying about


Today’s topic is: Something you are currently worrying about.

I’ve mentioned my up coming surgery a few time on my blog recently with these topics. I am sorry for that but this is what’s on my mind. On Halloween I go to see the specialist to see what can be done with my ankle.

The doctor I saw recently said it needs to be stabilized. There was mention of stabilizing it permanently,I’m not sure what that entails. I’ve had many previous surgeries. Another one is not on the top of my to do list.

I feel bad for my husband as well. It will be a big burden on him. Of course he acts like it’s no big deal. Not only will I be out of commission for awhile, his mom needs cataract surgery as well. We are the only ones to help take care of his mom. I will be stuck in bed on the 3rd floor while I recover.

I am also nervous to see what kind of damage is really done on my ankle. Previous surgeries didn’t work. I hope this will be the last one I need. I’m tired of ankle surgeries.


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