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Uniikstuff sells this chalkboard vinyl that comes on a roll for easy application. 

Wall Chalkboards - Chalkboard Stickers, Writable Vinyl Roll, Large

Uniikstuff sells different products that are fun and unique. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review of their chalk board vinyl.

My Thoughts about the Chalk Board Vinyl:

Fits inside a closet door or narrow space, or can easily be cut into a suitable size/sizes to fit special areas. Comes with a transfer sheeting for easy installation. They use only the best vinyl to ensure durability and the quality of our products. Their chalkboard vinyl is a matte texture that can be used with real chalk or liquid chalk with no surface priming necessary. The adhesive is strong but not permanent so the panels are repositionable and removable. Approximate Size:  18″W x 79″H

I love chalkboard vinyl. I love to be able to jot down notes as I think of them without looking for paper and being able to erase them later. I applied this vinyl on my computer desk. I can now jot down my to do list as I think of what I want to do or have to do. I love the ease of it. I can use regular chalk or liquid chalk markers. 

This is a great way to leave notes for family members too. You can apply it to the wall and have your schedules posted. You can leave quick notes of love or thanks as well. If your kids love to draw, you can apply it to a door or wall and let them draw on that for hours at a time. It saves paper and trees not to mention money. 

Connect with Uniikstuff:

To learn more about the chalkboard vinyl or to purchase your own, check them out on their website.

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