Unmasking Narcissism Book Review


Narcissism Book Review

Title: Unmasking Narcissism

Author: Mark Ettensohn

Publisher: Althea Press

Genre: Non Fiction

Pages: 186

Release Date: February 9, 2016

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Whether the narcissist in your life is a boss, coworker, relative, or romantic partner, the exercises and advice in Unmasking Narcissism will help you set healthy boundaries and make sense of this complex and often painful issue. In this groundbreaking guide from clinical psychologist Mark Ettensohn, PsyD., you will gain insight into narcissistic behaviors, symptoms, and relationship dynamics. Dr. Ettensohn provides exercises designed to help you clarify your own values and goals for the relationship, whether that means immediate separation or long-term relationship management. Anyone whose life has been touched by narcissism will find this book helpful – whether you are coming to terms with a loved one’s diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality disorder (NPD), or working to move forward after leaving a narcissistic relationship.

Unmasking Narcissism provides strategies and coping styles that will guide you toward a deeper understanding of both the narcissist and yourself, with: Easy-to-read sections aligned with the DSM-5 criteria for Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Explanations of both grandiose (overt) and vulnerable (covert) narcissism. Healing tools and techniques, including how to defuse arguments instead of fuel them, mindfulness meditation, and exploring vulnerability. Real-world stories of people coping with narcissists.

Throughout, Unmasking Narcissism offers a fully realized, yet compassionate portrait of narcissism that will help you on your path to healing without compromising your own mental health and wellness.

My Thoughts:

Narcissism is a difficult thing to diagnose. I’m sure some people that come across off as rude, and conceited are probably undiagnosed narcissistic.

I wanted to read this book because there is someone in my life I suspect is narcissistic although they have not been diagnosed as having it. This book is full of information on the history of narcissism, why someone may have it, and how to deal with a person that does have it.

Think of it as your study guide. I found there are some tips I can use towards my family member. I now understand why they are this way was well. This doesn’t excuse the behavior, just gives you the victim or person dealing with them an inside look why.

I’m personally going to start implementing some of the tips on dealing with a narcissistic person in my relationship with them.

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