Vertiplay are visually pleasing toys that stick to a vertical surface.

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With the launch of VertiPlay™, moms won’t need to ask tots to pick up their toys or keep their hands off the wall. Because these visually pleasing toys stick to a vertical surface! There is nothing to trip over, no parts to retrieve from the carpet. Place at a child’s height and let their fingers do the playing.

VertiplayParents who have seen these toys immediately remark how they remind them of their childhood playground days. Rather than sitting on the floor or at a kitchen table, as most toys are played, kids on the playground played standing up. Everyone was free to run around, making playtime extra fun. VertiPlay™ brings back this feeling while also serving as adorable wall art.
If there is a smooth, non-textured surface — like a door or wall — then there’s a ready-made spot for VertiPlay. The toys adhere firmly to vertical surfaces through a strong, specially made adhesive film. Grownups can remove the toys and affix them back elsewhere without damaging the paint or the wall.
Oribel’s design team worked tirelessly to ensure that the toys are
instinctive, offer great play value plus look great. Best of all, they deliver on several vital child development objectives! Building dexterity, discovering cause and effect or appreciating the concept of balance is all child’s play with these adorable room additions.

Vertiplay toys are perfect for my almost 3-year-old niece that goes camping a lot. 

My friend doesn’t let having two children (almost 13 and almost 3) hold her back from enjoying life. They are known to pick up and jump in the travel trailer at a moment’s notice and see the world. The hard part is trying to decide what toys and how many to bring to keep the littlest happy at night they are winding down for the night.

Vertiplay is the answer! The mom can store this with their camping gear so that the Mikie doesn’t get bored with it. It’s something new every time it’s pulled out. 

Since the Vertiplay is like a big sticker, it adheres to any flat service and allows hours of fun. When it’s time to put it away, simply take it off the wall, put the backing back on and store it until next time. What we love the most about this is that it’s always at Mikie’s height. As she grows (which she is slow to do) we can simply add it up higher. Her almost 13 yr old brother even enjoyed playing with her with this toy.

There are different interactive toys to choose from. I chose the Busy Woodpecker. Here is the product description:

Constant light, action, and sound for fun all around. Busy little hands will have so much fun with Mr. Woodpecker! Tapping down on Mr. Woodpecker’s tail makes a knocking sound that lights up the little bird’s house. Allow little fingers to guide the windmills into a spin to build dexterity through fun play!

My niece is a ball of energy, and it’s hard to keep her still for long. She loved the Vertiplay and was happily playing by herself. Her mom and brother were able to visit with my husband and I in peace. 

Vertiplay is a great gift for any child that either travels a lot, or has limited space. Which would you pick?

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