Week In Review

Week In Review

This summer has been flying by way too fast! I’ve had a lot of fun this summer though. Recently I went camping in the middle of no where with some friends of mine that are like family. I will be posting pictures and doing a blog post about that soon.

It’s taken me a bit to get into the swing of things work wise since I took a week or so off to go camping. I’ll be taking two weeks off in the beginning of September as well.

Have you gone on vacation this summer? What exciting things have you done? Other than my normal camping and going camping in the middle of nowhere I haven’t done anything. As much as I love my camp, I’ll be ready to go home after Labor Day.

I will be going home to a new bedroom as well. My daughter is currently moving from the smaller bedroom into the master bedroom. I’m giving her the bigger room for a few reasons;

1. She has more stuff than I do.

2. She lives in her room and I use the living room when we are awake.

3. I only use my room to sleep and change clothes. 

Our apartment is a small 2 bedroom one. She uses her room as her living room and bedroom. So, it makes sense to give her the bigger room.

Here is a review of what I’ve posted this week:

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