What is your Dream Library?

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Do you have a set place to read at home? Have you ever wished you could have a library designed exactly the way you want? I know I do.


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I often stop to think about how I’d design my perfect home library. I know I would definitely have a window seat to stretch out on with some big fluffy pillows.  There is so much more to designing a home library than just that.

Let’s play a game. Imagine you have $1,000. What are the top 3 things you’d have on your wish list to design your own library? I know it will be hard to stop at 3 but if we don’t, we’d design all day and get nothing else done. *sigh*

Here are my top 3 items:

Between my husband and I, we would need a ton of these. I love that they can store and showcase all of your books. The glass doors help to protect your books more from dust and dirt. You could organize your books by color, genre, or size with multiple bookcases. This particular book shelf comes in white for $199 or red for $204.1. So let’s see…I’ll start off by saying I’ll need 2 and I’d pick white. That will make it so my husband and I each have one.

$1,000 – 398 = $602. Man this imaginary money is going just as fast as my real money. They aren’t kidding about easy come easy go are they? I will have to play the lottery to fund my library…anyway next up on the wishlist:

I stated I would want a window seat. My husband being the typical male that he is, he would want a recliner.

My husband has been in the construction field for over 20 years. He has arthritis in his back from working. He also have other medical problems. I know he would love this heat controlled massaging recliner. Heck I’d like one too!

So where are we at on the $1,000 spending spree?

Start balance: $1,000

2 book cases: $398

recliner: $339.00

Balance: $263.00

The great thing about designing your own room, you can have what you want in there. I think it would be good to have a good surround sound for some music. You know the soft “elevator” type sounds. My husband loves the piano so some soft classical music sounds amazing.

Here is the surround sound system I would choose:

I love that there is a long sound bar and 2 speakers you can place on either side of a wall to make the music travel.

There are so many different aspects of the library I would want to design but I did make us promise to stay at the top 3 items.

Did I make budget or go over?

Start balance: $1,000

2 book cases: $398

recliner: $339.00

surround sound: 249.99

End balance: 13.01

I didn’t go over with a slight balance left over, this is a good thing. The $13.01 will help cover the tax. Oh the blasted sales tax will get you every time!

I hope you had as much fun during this imaginary shopping as I did. I can’t wait to see what items you’d pick.

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