White Tale Coffee brings coffee straight to your door.

White Tale Coffee brings the fresh great taste and aroma of Columbia coffee to your door.

White Tale Coffee

White Tale Coffee was started by three male friends that met in Columbia as children. White Tale Coffee take the finest responsibly sourced beans from around the world and roast them fresh for our customers. We curate stories from farmers and their families and share them with you, and we conveniently deliver it all to your door with simple subscriptions.

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White Tale Coffee makes shopping for coffee easy.

My husband needs his coffee every morning to function. I don’t drink coffee (Unless you count my addiction to Starbucks Mocha Frappacinos). I’m the one that does the grocery shopping. My husband tends to forget to tell me what he needs from the store. (typical guy I swear)

White Tale Coffee makes shopping for good Columbian coffee a breeze.

You can tailor your subscription to your individual coffee preferences. You can choose from the following:

  1. What roast do you prefer? (Light, medium, or dark)

  2. Choose 3 favorite flavors.
  3. Whole Bean or Ground?
  4. Choose how often you get an order (every week, every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks)
  5. Choose your payment plan (pay as you go, prepay 3 months, prepay 6 months, prepay 12 months

They even have options if you drink decaf. We no longer have to worry about running out of coffee because he forgot to put coffee on the grocery list. The coffee has a great aroma to it and my husband loves the taste. He says it’s better than what you usually buy in the grocery store.

The coffee comes in a resealable pouch. We got two 8 cup pots of coffee from each pouch we received for the review. Right now you can save 25% on your order by following this ~link~.

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  1. Brandon Sparks says:

    This is so great to know. Thanks for the great info..

  2. Lori Williams says:

    I have never heard of this company before. I like that you can pay as you go or sign up for a subscription. Sometimes I just don’t want to commit to a monthly subscripton. Thank you for sharing this. The coffee looks an sound delicious too!!

  3. Jenna Hudson says:

    I like that they have many different options that you can customize to your needs.

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