Apr 20

Yardley London Soaps Review

Yardley London has amazing bar soaps. They’re very nice smelling and I love them. I’ve used them for years, as a bar soap. I had no idea a Yardley online-shop existed and I was surprised when I came across it. They have more than just luxurious artisan bar soaps these days. They have body washes and scrubs, and guess what? They have gift baskets! These would make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, so of course they’re on our Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

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Yardley London sent me a nice gift basket to review. It came very nicely packaged and everything was in tact. It is a very beautiful spa gift basket. It contained their sea minerals scrub & smooth bar soap, three pack of oat, milk and honey bar soap, mango cream body butter bar, mango & lily shower gel, oatmeal & almond hand soap, and sea minerals body wash. There was also a nice shower pouf to scrub yourself with. The gift basket is titled New Beginnings. For what you get in it, the price is almost a steal.

[tweetthis]Yardley has an online @YardleyShop where you can get artisan soaps and #gift baskets! [/tweetthis]

Yardley London, Yardley Bar Soaps, Yardley Body Wash, Yardley Bath Soap, Yardley Review, natural bar soap, artisan bar soap

If you have never tried Yardley soaps, you are really missing out. The scents are amazing and you come out with soft skin and smelling like heaven. Their natural artisan bar soaps are Paraben free and biodegradable. They are also sulfate free, cruelty free, and contain no artificial dyes. These natural bar soaps are 100% Vegetable Oil based and softly scented with no harsh chemicals. The bottles are eco-friendly. My favorite scent is the Oatmeal and Almond. I’m a bit sad that it’s only in hand soap form for the gift basket. It’s actually my favorite bar soap of those. It smooths the skin well and you can feel the oatmeal texture in it. The hand soap though, is just as nice and I get to use that throughout the day. (It’s worth being able to smell it that much.)

The Oat, Milk and Honey is my second favorite in their bar soaps, because it’s just as wonderful smelling. The combination for your skin is wonderful and again you’ll come out with the silkiest feeling skin. Sea minerals is good smelling and so is the mango & lily. I’m a bit bias with the other two scents though, because I grew up with them. They were always good for calming inflamed skin if you had bug bites or chicken pox. (Anyone else get a lot of oatmeal baths during chicken pox? These were the soaps my mom used and trusted!) *By the way, do not take these words as scientific fact, I only know from my experience that they helped ME.

Yardley Shop has a discount code for 5% off all products going on right now!

Use Yardley Promo Code: YARDLEYSHOP *code may expire at anytime.

I love Yardley London artisan soaps and all they have to offer. If you are looking for some great body soaps, I would recommend them over and over. I am not a fan of most bar soaps either, however Yardley London is the only bar soap I will buy. I have very sensitive skin and have tried many others. This is the only company whose bar soap I will ever use. I trust them and their products, with all honesty. Others may have skin more sensitive than mine though, and I have to remind anyone with allergies or sensitivity to soap products, please read ingredients before buying. If you’re buying a nice gift for mom this Mother’s day, I really recommend checking out Yardley for their gift baskets.

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  1. Barbara

    I’ve smelled some of their soaps and I already love the Almond Milk but I’d love to try the Jasmine Pearl.

  2. Debbi Wellenstein

    I would love Yardley’s Cocoa Butter bar soap.

  3. Christina G.

    I like their Cocoa Butter soap. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Ann

    I’ve used the English Lavender before (love it), and now have the Oatmeal & Almond (smells great) in my bathroom. I would LOVE to try both the English Rose, and the Mango Cream.

  5. Paol Trenny

    I like the Yardley Oatmeal & Almond with Natural Oats Bar Soap.

  6. Sara schwab

    I want to try lavender soap. And almond soap

  7. Debbie Yoder

    Ive used their Lavender and Rosemary, I would like to try the Cocoa Butter Bar!

  8. Deb E

    I’ve tried their lavender soaps and love them. I’d also like their cocoa butter soap but have never tried it before.

  9. jenny stratton

    I have never tried Yardley products but the almond milk sounds like I would like it.

  10. Marti Tabora

    I feel that I would like the Oat, Milk & Honey Natural Artisan bar Soap. It sounds really nice. Thanks.

  11. Tonya Dean

    They have these at our Dollar Tree and they are amazing!! Love cocoa butter but want to try sea minerals!

  12. clynsg

    If I can’t say ‘All of them’, my favorites would be the floral scents–lavender, lilac, rose, etc.

  13. Cheryl B

    I would love the calming Yardley English Lavender hand soaps.

  14. LaTanya

    Oatmeal & Almond soap

  15. Michelle Castagne

    Oatmeal and almond hand soap.

  16. Laura

    I would love the Yardley Oat, Milk & Honey Natural Artisan bar Soap!

  17. Sharon Rooney

    I think I would really like the Yardley Honeysuckle Citrus Natural Bar soap and the Yardley Mango Cream Bar Soap. They both sound lovely.

  18. Leigh Anne Borders

    I would love to try the Jasmine Pearl soap.

  19. Robin

    I would like to try the Yardley English Lavender Bar Soap.

  20. Rachel Beltz

    I think that the Mango Cream and the Sea Mineral bars sound the best!

  21. Crystal Rose

    I’d like the Yardley Nourishing Elements Lavender & Rosemary Natural Artisan Soap 3 Pack.

  22. Jessica Cox

    I would love to try the Sea Minerals Bath and Shower Gel I bet it leaves your skin feeling so soft

  23. Natalie F

    I would like the Yardley Baby bar soap for by baes and the Yardley Nourishing Elements Lavender & Rosemary for myself. Thanks.

  24. Richard Hicks

    I might like the Yardley Honeysuckle Citrus Natural Bar Soap 4 oz

  25. Roxann

    I would like the Yardley Honeysuckle Citrus Natural Bar Soap and the Yardley Oat, Milk & Honey Natural Artisan bar Soap 3 Pack.

  26. Laurie Emerson

    I like the Yardley English Rose and the Jasmine Pearl soaps.

  27. Marnie G

    I would love the Yardley Liquid Hand Soap Soothing Oatmeal & Almond and the Yardley Honey Almond Bath and Shower Gel.

  28. Tracy Shafer

    I would love to try the English Lavender

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