Jun 13

Yookidoo Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout

Did you know today is International Bath Day?! Moms everywhere should take a few minutes to enjoy one today. But… not before having some fun with the kids! Yookidoo has a new, fun bath toy for babies and toddlers! The Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout allows for a great bath time!

yookidoo review

This toy suctions to the bath wall, and is battery operated! It has a little submarine at the bottom that allows the water to flow through and come out the spout! The Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout has three stack-able cups that come with it and a fourth that features a little mill at the bottom.

I was amazed to see how well this bath toy works. It flows so wonderfully with the push of the snorkel mask. The spout and the arm underneath it to hold the cups rotate around. My daughter absolutely loved playing with this Yookidoo toy!

yookidoo review

It’s recommended for ages nine month to three years old. My daughter is four though, and was happily enjoying the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout, despite her being over age for it. We had a very peaceful bath time thanks to Yookidoo! My daughter hasn’t liked having a bath in awhile.

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More About International Bath Day and How We’re Involving Yookidoo

We will be having more fun with Yookidoo today since it is International Bath Day! International Bath Day started in honor of Archimedes discovering how to accurately measure the the volume of an object. Apparently, you do so by submerging an item in water. However, he also ran out of the bath tub yelling Eureka! Hence, why today is International Bath Day! We’re honoring a brilliant scientist and there’s lots to discover through bath play in the tub.

My daughter will be snorkeling for some small plastic fish and gems, while washing them off with the Flow ‘N’ Fill Spout. She will be enjoying the stacking cups as well. I hope all of you find some special way to celebrate International Bath Day, and not only enjoy today, but all bath times to come. Yookidoo has other great water toys, so check them out today!

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