Zebra Pen: Don’t just write, Glide

Are you still back to school shopping? If so, skip your normal pens. You NEED to buy Zebra Pen gel pens, their double-ended highlighters and other products! I love them! Zebra Pens don’t just write, they glide! zebra pen, zebra pens, gel pens, double-ended highlighters

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Zebra Pens work IMMEDIATELY and they glide so easily, it’s hard to cramp up while using them. I love the grips these have and that they come in various tips, styles, and colors! My favorite are the gel pens, which seem to have a red cover over them before use. They really are quick dry gel pens like the package claims. They are great for making whatever you want to say stand out.

The great thing about my Zebra Pens? I don’t have to worry about any of them not working the second the pen hits the paper. All of their awesome pens seem to work directly on contact, with no frustration. Their mechanical pencils are pretty nice as well, and some even have fun designs! My nieces are fighting over the fox ones, so I may have to buy more, just for the adorable fox mechanical pencils. There’s also cute owl pencils in the mix. They do have normal ones as well. The lead for these mechanical pencils don’t seem to break as easily as others either. Feel free to click away to a length you like on them!

I’m totally in love with the Zebra Pen double-ended highlighters. These don’t bleed through. You’re welcome to highlight anywhere in a book that you may need – without worrying about destroying writing on the other side! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times that has happened to me. I highlight favorite passages in my normal reading books sometimes. It’s also nice that you can use a thin highlighter tip if needed. I love the fine point highlighter over the thicker ends. I am normally not highlighting big fonts or entire paragraphs, but am often a sentence or two.

Zebra Pen’s motto is to find Zen in your Pen. I believe they try to make writing as comfortable as possible and stress-free. Who needs to worry about getting a brand new pen started or ink rubbing off on you? Or worse – something bleeding through and ruining the back of the page? NOT ME. Not with Zebra Pen.

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  1. I love these pens

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