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Zippo sells more than just cigarette lighters. One of the products they sell is a candle lighter. Gina’s Library of Reviews is happy to bring you this review. 

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Zippo is a name we all know and trust for many years. I was surprised to know they sell more than just the windproof lighters. I love candles so I was happy to be able to review this candle lighter.

Product Description:

The all-metal Zippo candle lighter is easy to use and features a soft-touch ignition and adjustable flame dial. The Zippo Candle Lighter comes in the following colors: Candy Apple Red (shown left), Harvest Bronze, Brushed Chrome and Champagne. The Zippo Candle Lighter comes with a three-year warranty. For optimum performance, use with Zippo Premium Butane. Zippo’s Candle Lighter is available on

  • Durable metal construction

  • Soft-touch ignition system

  • Adjustable flame dial

  • Patented child-resistant safety button

  • Fuel: Zippo premium butane

My Review:

I’m not a smoker so I’m always losing my disposable lighter to light candles. This Zippo lighter is large enough that I don’t have to hunt it down. I can keep it in my junk drawer and find it easily. I also love that it’s refillable. I don’t have to go out and replace it when it dies. I just refill it with more butane. 

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