Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter Review

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Recently I reviewed a candle lighter from Zippo. You can see that review here. This time I’m reviewing their Flex Neck Utility Lighter

Flex Neck Utility Lighter


Light your grill, lantern, tiki torches, and fireplaces with Zippo’s silver Flex Neck Utility Lighter. Its slim, powerful nozzle easily fits into the opening on most grills and lanterns, and with wind-resistant dual flame technology, this Utility Lighter is ideal for any outdoor setting. The silver Flex Neck Utility Lighter features an adjustable flame dial, a patented child-resistant safety button, wind resistance, a fuel supply window. It is approximately 12 inches in length from the base to neck tip and approximately 1 inch wide at the base. Comes with a three-year warranty. For optimum performance, use Zippo Premium Butane Fuel. 

Please note: This item cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, APO, AFO or a PO Box.

This lighter is perfect for camping, especially since I have a fear of fire. I don’t like to light the grill or the fire pit because of it. The fact that this is a flex necked lighter makes it so much easier for me to do these tasks that I usually avoid. I can adjust the neck so that my hand is the away from the flame. 

This utility lighter retails $19.95. I think this would make a great gift for anyone that is a fan of the outdoors. I love that it’s refillable. By being refillable I feel it’s better for the environment, there won’t be a ton of lighters in our landfills. I also love the sleek design. 

Here are some safety warnings to stay safe:
Never puncture or put in fire. Never expose to heat above 122 degrees fahrenheit or to prolonged sunlight. Do not use near sparks or open flame. Ignite utility lighter away from face and clothes.  Do not use to light cigarettes, cigars or pipes. Be sure flame is out after use. Extreme heat is present above the visible flame.
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