Ziraki: Lower Back Support Brace, Get Relief

The Ziraki adjustable lumbar lower back support brace can help with back pain.

Ziraki Back Brace

A lumbar belt is designed to support your lower back muscles, strengthen the loosened muscles, align your posture, and reduce the muscle inflammation and pain.

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How does the Ziraki adjustable lumbar back support brace work?

I have very bad posture that contributes to a lot of my back pain. I have other issues with my back, but poor posture does not help. This belt is amazing. I can adjust how tight it is. I can also wear it under my clothes or on on top of them.

I have noticed a marked improvement over my pain level. This is great because I don’t want to have to take medication everyday for pain. This also folds up for easy storage. This is easy to carry in your bag to have with you at all time or for travel.

I’ve tried other devices for back pain relief. Nothing has worked as well as this back brace has. When I don’t wear it, my back needs cracked the entire length of my spine from the poor posture. My back stays aligned correctly while wearing this brace. That makes it so I don’t have to take medication to relieve my back pain.

The more often I wear the brace the more my posture will be trained to stay in the correct position. It does take time to retrain your body to have the correct posture depending on how long you have had poor posture. I personally have always had bad posture. I remember slouching all the time as a teenager.

The tourmaline stones and magnets in this belt transmit heat to your knotted and strained muscles due to long seating/standing positions and offers immediate relief by reducing the swelling in your muscles, making them supple and elastic again.

Made from durable and soft fish line cloth, elastic fabric, and Velcro magnet for added comfort. The lumbar belt is available in sizes- S, M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL.

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