Bully by Emme Dun Book Review

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BullyBullyBully is a fast paced legal thriller where “The L Word” meets “Kramer vs Kramer.” Bully begins in the 1980s when courts routinely stripped LGBT parents of their parental rights solely because they were gay. Bully then shifts to the 2000s to explore a typical lesbian relationship wherein Lisa meets Windy and they quickly fall for each other, despite Lisa’s plans for a baby.

Although Lisa and Windy never marry, when Lisa breaks it off because Windy reveals herself to be a deadbeat, Windy files for custody of Lisa’s daughter to fatal effect… Bully explores the legal and emotional issues faced by single parents in the LGBT community and leaves readers asking the question: what rights do parents really have?

It has been said, “In a world without law, you have chaos, oppression, and tyranny and everyone doing what is right in their own eyes.” Bully is that story.

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My Thoughts:

Bully is a very fitting title for this book. I was sucked into the book and was often shocked and outraged!

I agree with the fact that everyone should be able to marry who they want. I don’t care if it’s same sex or not. I feel all parents should be protected and keep their children in their lives if a marriage or “union” is no longer together. There should have been laws in place for that since day 1.

This book is so much more than that, though. It’s about bullies trying to fight for the cause. You can fight for your cause all you want. Just make sure you are doing so LEGALLY and ETHICALLY.

This book is based on true events. My heart goes out to the mother’s that were victims of this legal bullying.

I received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review. My opinions are 100% my own.

Emme Dun has been a lawyer for 23 years working in both the private and public sectors including clerking for a trial court judge. While in law school, Emme served as the president of the LGBT student group and had her student note published in the law journal. Bully is her first novel.


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